Long Over Due for a Sweet Encounter!

Two Cupcakes


Its been too long!  Over five months, in fact, since I last posted.  During that time, I pondered what to write or if to write at all.  Its been almost one year since I began changing the way I prepare meals.  I share all the crazy Why’s behind this new way of cooking and baking on my new bakery website www.sweetencounterybakery.com.

I invite you to visit my new site and like the Facebook page.  Also, I want to hear from you.  What food challenges have you encountered lately?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

I am excited about this new journey.  I am back on the horse and ready to ride again.  Please expect, I will resume sharing recipes sure to pleasure.

Happy Eating!


Warm Embrace

Everyone knows someone that’s always grumpy.  That person at the office who never has anything nice to say.  You walk into the office and greet the person with , “Good morning”  only for them to tell you all the reasons … Continue reading

Whip it good!

Oh, the things you can do with some heavy whipping cream… I love heavy whipping cream because it’s versatile.  You can use it in a savory or sweet dish.  You can transform the milky liquid into whipped cream and add a dollop to a fresh bowl … Continue reading